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Although new to the film side of acting, Keith is awfully familiar with being in front of a camera. Keith was a lead once in a Child Safety Film but has hosted his own video shows since 2015 for his own nonprofit organization.

Keith is a Dad coach, legacy mentor, financial coach an entrepreneur, the Author of 4 , a radio show, video and podcast host, Auctioneer, Musician Founder of Dads 4 Life, an international non-profit that helps Dads connect life with purpose while investing in their greatest asset on Earth…their children.   
Keith was raised in Jacksonville, Florida and still calls it home today but he didn’t have that idyllic childhood that helped him see how awesome Dads can be.  You see, Keith’s father died when he was only eleven years old.  He knows what it is like to grow up without a dad…or a connection to a male figure who could speak into your life as he had no one to regularly do that.  While he appreciates his mom’s influence in his life, Keith understands firsthand the impact of an absent or missing father on a child’s life. 

Keith liked watching television and listening to music when he was a boy. Although acting somehow seemed way out of his reach, he found himself enjoying watching movies from classic actors of yesteryear.

When he was working daily in a middle-high school, he learned that kids liked Drama but had no one to teach them, so Keith stepped in. Although no professional training, Keith had been acting in church plays and musicals for years, so decided he would start with what he knew. He cast, produced, directed, and even acted in some of the plays himself. 

Over the years, Keith has played many roles like Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Grandfather to Daddy Warbucks. No matter the role, Keith enjoys having fun, meeting new people, and learning more about the craft and helping someone else if he can. 

“If you go through life only helping yourself, you go through life alone.” (Keith Jowers)

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