Although my Dad passed away in 1985, the memories of his life are just like it all happened yesterday.  There is not a day that goes by that my sisters and I do not talk about our Dad.  His heroic, unselfish manner made our family what it is today.  The hero in our family prayed three times a day and also before going to bed at night.   He prayed that all 10 or his children would have a relationship with his heavenly Father.    When we were younger we thought it was embarrassing that he prayed so much.  Every time we had a meal or friends over, we would warn our friends them in advance about how long it will take before we can sit down to eat.  While we always loved him, and was a church going family, we never appreciated what he did for us, until we all got older.

Now that we all have families, and praying for them too, we know we were ‘saved’ from many scars and issues in our lives due to those many daily prayers and supplications to God on our behalf.  He knew what true worship was all about.   We lived on a farm, and we could always locate Dad outside just by listening for his whistling or singing. He always had praise on his lips. Early in the morning, you could hear praise songs such as When the Roll is Called up Yonder or Soon & Very Soon We Shall See the King.  He had the gift of joy and a passion for life.  He taught us when you don’t know how to pray, let the Holy Spirit pray for you and lead you every step of the way.  He had authentic faith, and though he died with cancer his attitude was that God was healing him… even if it was after death and entering into God’s presence.  He taught us to listen for God’s voice, and obey Him.  He taught us what it meant to have a clean heart, and the meaning of meditating on God’s word.    He taught us that mere talk is useless, unless you put faith into action and do whatever God lead us to do.

He left a family legacy … He gave us a hope and a future by teaching us all about his personal hero in his life … . that was the Lord Jesus Christ   He not only was a hero when he was alive, but he left a legacy that makes him a hero in history that will be remembered and passed on for generations to come.  It is the living example that Proverbs speaks about how a rich heritage of a godly man lives on forever.


By Glenda Jowers  |  January 9, 2017

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