Becoming a partner with Dads 4 Life® is not just about donating….it is about creating a partnership that began years ago!

I remember back in the early 1980’s when I went through my divorce. There were not many organizations to help me except Focus on the Family. I kept learning from Dr. James Dobson who had no idea that he was encouraging one Dad to stay connected to his only child. Little did I know why I was in the soup of all that mess, but there was a plan and would eventually take that current mess and make it a present day resource to help other Dads.

After that experience and working with youth for over twenty–five years, I am working with Dads regularly …… on how to connect with their children in a positive way.  So becoming a partner with Dads 4 Life® for $10.00 per month is becoming a partner with the mission to reach Dads around the world through our website, resources and online video productions.

I coined a phrase many years ago that many have seemed to capture. “If you go through life helping only yourself, you go through life alone.” I hope you help someone around you today . . . A family member, a friend, a co-worker,  and don’t live a lonely life.  I ask you join us as a Dads 4 Life® partner! If the time is not right for you, we understand and appreciate you visiting us here at Dads 4 Life® . Come back often for updates and information.