"Dads 4 Life helped me understand the value of being a Father."  - Terrance Hurst


"There were a lot of things I didn't know as a single Father but I did have Dads 4 Life to help me."
- Wayne Cain


...find your purpose for your life
...win the ongoing battles in your mind
...share your dream and vison with others or get it off the ground properly
...find Life Minded individuals you can count on and trust
...know HOW and WHERE you need to grow to reach your TRUE POTENTIAL

Then our ON PURPOSE LIFE MINDED Community is for you!  Moments of Discovery are waiting for you! ARE YOU READY?!

The Search for Life has puzzled people for thousands of years...

Typically, because we begin at the wrong end…ourselves.  Have you ever asked yourself, What do I want to be or What should I do with my life? As we have all probably done this at some time in our life, the truth is we still struggle with our goals, ambitions, dreams and the expectation of what our future really does look like?

For years, I searched to find meaning as to what I should do with my life and after going through a very difficult period in my life, I found purpose in serving others. Yet, decades later, I find myself still helping folks of diverse backgrounds only in a different capacity than my chosen and purposeful career.

I can now take all the experience and education and help you do the same.

That is why I created the ON PURPOSE Life Minded Community!




Are You Ready to Live ON PURPOSE?!

Highlights of This Community! ~ #1
Encouragement in finding or building the purpose /dream that God has given you!  We are a no-judgment community who believe in you!

Highlights of This Community! ~ #2
Personal Growth in the areas that you know are holding you back from reaching your full potential! Areas you may know of now, and areas of discovery you will find later!

Highlights of This Community! ~ #3
Learn how to define your Vision and Identity more clearly as you grow individually and as a community.

Here's What You Get When You Get Started Today..

  • Daily >>>access to daily entries of growth material on personal secret Facebook page.
  • Access to my personal cell and email account
  • Availability to have a listening idea by me to their ideas without judgement
  • Receive Ideas on improving your life through Automobile University
  • Weekly >>>periodically uploaded growth and inspirational teaching and music videos to Facebook page
  • A personal video from me with a growth lesson weekly
  • Monthly >>> bi-monthly Zoom Calls for community to discuss personal growth and bounce ideas  [💡]  off of without judgement.
  • Email announcements for training
  • One-hour personal Growth Zoom Session with me Monthly to discuss any personal challenges one in one.
  • Surprise guest during any particular Zoom Calls of Keith's "Golden Friend List" who will offer expertise in many areas of personal achievements

** BONUS “DADS ON PURPOSE” Secret Group and private coaching for an additional fee (Dads Only)

  • Daily Encouragement & Enrichment

  • Weekly Personal Growth Videos, Personal Teachings & Inspirational Writings

  • Private 1-on-1 Growth Sessions with Dr Keith

  • Monthly Zoom Training Calls with Special Guests

  • Special Access to Dr. Keith's Monthly reading List of Books & Encouraging

  • Writings

My Promise to You:

I commit to giving you all I have in helping you in your own personal growth journey; to provide access to all of my resources of education and achievements that has helped me build both young and old alike over the last three decades; and to provide open lines of communication to be your ultimate support system and growth partner on this life journey!

"Keith Jowers and his message to families (not only Dads) is extraordinary. As a mom, stepmom, and Grandmom I thoroughly enjoy and benefit from other's experiences and stories. Listen to Keith and you'll be spiritually and temporally fed!"  - Debby Butz Montgomery Johnson