“If you go through life only helping yourself, you go through life alone.” (Keith Jowers)

In 2004 we established an organization called Dads 4 Life, Inc™.  Our goal is to be an organization for Fathers. Dads to Dads.  Iron Sharpens Iron!  We are creating an impact on the next generation by encouraging Fathers to stand up and be a Dad!  I am committed to implementing Coaching Sessions, programs and Authoring Books, to meet the needs and inspire Dads to be the best Dad they can be.  We encourage enhance, and enrich Dads to be a Dad 4 Life!™

As for me personally…. I have 30 years of Law Enforcement experience including School Resource Officer and Officer Friendly. I have served in ministry capacities for over twenty years including youth leader,interim Youth Pastor, Dad Coach, financial counselor, divorce recovery classes, entrepreneur leadership, Author in Business, and much more. My educational background includes a Doctorate in Leadership Organization, Masters in Counseling, as well as  Bachelors in Marketing.  Although formal education is important, I am committed to being a life learner.


My partnerships include working with children as well as their parents.  Being a Husband, Father, “Grandy”,  Author, and a Dad Coach is my focus in life.  My understanding of Fatherhood came not only from education but also from real life experience of growing up without a Dad. My background and career put me in the path of fatherless kids every day. While working as a School Resource Officer I also became a certified substitute school teacher to be more aligned with school experiences. In fact, to connect with the kids and get to know their issues, I became the after school Drama Coach. Through all these experiences I now encourage, interact,  and work with Dads on many issues… everything from a parent living without their children, going through a divorce, paying child support, personal Dad Coaching, and personal development.  Based on many of these experiences, I began to write books from information from other parents as well as my own personal experience.   I believe a Dad who educates himself to be a better person is better equipped a becoming a better Dad.

My Father died when I was only eleven years old, so I know what it is like to grow up without a Dad.. or a connection to a male figure who could speak into your life.  I understand the impact of an absent or missing father.   As a divorced young man, I discovered one thing…I could still keep a connection with my only daughter by making a daily choice.  My daughter and I wrote our first book together called Part-Time Dad, Full-Time Heart. We are currently working on several other book projects that will be added to Amazon before year end. Daily Connections is now available on Amazon.  Contact me by the website or via email at 4dads@bellsouth.net. You may also visit our sister website at www.dads4life.org.