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IF YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO.. find your purpose for your life;  win the ongoing battles in your mind; share your dream and vison with others; find Life-Minded individuals you can count on and trust;  or know HOW and WHERE you need to grow to reach your TRUE POTENTIAL.. Then our ON PURPOSE LIFE MINDED Community is for you! 

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Inspiration, motivation, guidance or encouragement; whatever you're looking for we have a diverse library of personal development content from Keith Jowers and many of his peer partners in the industry available right here for your immediate access!

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Keith believes it is not what you leave to your children that counts, but what you leave in them! 

"Daily Connections” is a daily reminder to find some area of association to build a relationship with each of your children. Just like each parent … all of our children are different, and respond differently. The purpose of this VALUABLE FREE RESOURCE is to give parents of all ages, and educational backgrounds ideas of how to relate and connect with their children.

Each day will provide an exercise for thinking about your kids and what ideas you can implement to make your connection better.  CLAIM YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW and immediately begin making memorable life connections with your children!

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"If you go through life helping only yourself, you go through life alone." - Keith Jowers

Join me LIVE every weekday morning at 12:00pm EST on Periscope for daily doses of encouragement, motivation, and inpsiration in the framework of parenting and personal development and through the filter of God's word!

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Win at Home.. Succeed in Life! | Dad Coaching

Today encourage imaginations/dreams. Be the cheerleader in your child's life.. Actually, be the cheerleader in each of your family members. Start early talking about making a dream list. It's ok if your dreams change.. This is what adults call goals!